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Legendary local hangout!

We are both a lively bar and the "Go To" restaurant in Chamonix. At MOÖ, you are welcome in both ski clothes as well as formal wear. You will always run into friendly people and are guaranteed to spot some hardcore famous skiers! 

MOÖ is a true locals hang-out, but everyone is welcome at any time, whatever you're wearing, as long as you're up for a good time!; open year-round, offering great quality food and drinks at reasonable prices and staffed by a friendly team of familiar faces who will make you feel welcome whether you're popping in for a coffee, a beer, a meal or just for a chat!



Very Tasty!

We are open for lunch & dinner 7 days a week and we promise that you will not start crying when the bill comes. For lunch we serve three “plats du jour” (meat, fish, veggie) that change daily with nearly all ingredients sourced locally. At night, we focus on homemade gourmet burgers (meat & veggie)on house made buns - Best burgers in Chamonix!  Our meat is always French!

We serve good quality beers, wine, cocktails and long drinks that are priced within the range of your average punter rather than that of a Russian oligarch (although they are welcome too!). 


Our place is in the Chamonix city centre, close to the train station and on 239 Avenue Michel-Croz - Welcome!


We don't take lunch reservations, but dinner reservations can be done.


We have one early and one late slot for reservations, the early slot is 18h or 18h30 - 20h15, the late is from 20h30 or 21h.

If you send an email please include the time you would like to come and also your cell phone number or just give us a call on +33 4 50 55 33 42.

For bookings within the next 48 hours, please give us a call or come see us, we are hopefully out skiing and we don’t check our emails everyday.


Don't have a reservation, just swing by and we'll try to get you a table.




We are currently open every day from noon until late - lunch from 12:00, dinner from 18:00 and drinks all day.


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